We provide our customers with services of engineering, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up in the following industries:
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Oil and gas production Plants
  • Oil and gas transfer pipelines
  • Oil pump stations
  • Gas injection facilities
  • Gas compressor stations
  • Urban gas pipeline and gas distribution networks
  • Gas treatment plants
  • Refinery Plants
  • Tank farms and loading terminals
  • Utility plants
  • Power plants
  • Transmission lines
  • Water, waste water and sewerage treatment
  • Dam

Scope of Services


The following engineering services for various industrial complexes may be provided, upon the request of customers:
  • Conceptual design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental Impact assessment
  • Basic/detail engineering design


Generally the original concept of a project is proposed by the customer. The concept is originated as a result of a couple of social, economic, and market considerations. Thereafter, prior to implementation of a project, especially those of large-scale size, complexity, and investment, it is obligatory to perform comprehensive preliminary studies, to conceptualize several configurations which could technically and economically meet the expected requirements.


The objective to execute feasibility study is to ensure that the planned project will provide the optimum combination of an up-to-date technical solution with maximum economic return. In other words, the recommended alternative must simultaneously conform to the given financial restraints and economic criteria, and meet the technical requirements. Keeping in mind the above goal, application of economic analysis modeling and forecasting methods should submit/determine the followings:
  • Estimation of predictable demands
  • Precise cost forecasting and integrated system of cost estimate (market study)
  • Implementing the various project inflation rates
  • Project financing and alternative domestic-international participation
  • Financial and credit availability planning
  • Investment return rate (IRR) calculation


EIA is a systematic process to identify, assess and manage the potential environmental effects of a proposed development or activity. The EIA process gathers data and evaluates effects on a range of technical topic areas that are specified in the legislation, including air, population, soil, fauna, flora, water, climatic factors and material assets. EIA is essentially a planning tool for preventing environmental problems due to an action. It seeks to avoid costly mistakes in project implementation, either because of the environmental damages that are likely to arise during project implementation, or because of modifications that may be required subsequently in order to make the action environmentally acceptable. We provide our customers with an EIA report to the extent required depending on the project technical and physical characteristics.


We have brilliantly gained the experience and expertise to execute the basic and/or detail engineering required for all projects, from small expansion or simple revamp of small plants to the design of large scale and complicated complexes. Depending on the nature and extent of the contract, the following individual or combination of engineering services for any particular project may be provided:
  • PDP verification and consistency checking
  • Process simulation
  • Process flow diagram, Heat and Material Balance tables
  • Land selection
  • Plant location, route selection, and layout
  • Site survey
  • Geotechnical study
  • Bathymetry and Hydrology studies
  • Piping and instrument diagrams
  • Piping alignment sheets
  • Flow and hydraulic studies
  • Plant 3-D modeling
  • Corrosion and cathodic protection studies
  • Safety and fire protection
  • Material and equipment specifications
  • HAZOP studies
  • Equipment selection and sizing
  • Telecommunications and paging systems design
  • Control systems study and operating/control philosophy design
  • Plant power distribution network
  • Construction and erection drawings for civil, structure, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrument, and control work
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Shop drawings
  • Construction specifications
  • Vendor drawing checks
  • Laboratory, operating , safety, and maintenance manuals
  • Equipment manuals and mechanical catalogs

Scope of Services

Planning & Project Control

Effective and prominent control and planning is recognized to be the key to successful, on-time and within the allocated budget completion of projects. Sophisticated requirements of large-scale projects are indeed intended to ensure efficient and on-time delivery of equipment, erection and successful commissioning as well as proper cash flow. Efficient programming systems and pragmatic attitudes are set to develop realistic objectives for projects. We offer the following services:
  • Preparation of EPCC master schedule
  • Preparation of progress measurement diagrams and charts
  • Graphical display of time schedule, equipment allocation plans and resource profiles, in the form of bar charts and curves
  • Development of different bar charts (Logic bar chart, Trend bar chart, Rolling horizon bar chart, etc.)
  • WBS coding to assist track project progress from selected view
  • EPCC program progress charts and S-curves to measure progress at different times
  • Provision of maintenance and repair schedules
  • Preparation of communications management plan
  • Preparation of project scope statement and scope management plan
  • Development of progress measurement system
  • Preparation of cash flow diagrams
  • Preparation of cost control plan and Earned Value indexes
  • Preparation of resource allocation plan
  • Establishment of PMIS (Project Management Information System)
  • Risk management

Scope of Services

Procurement & Commercial Services

Procurement, supply of equipment and materials, together with related commercial and procurement services are individual professional expertise which will be provided in several forms and to certain extents, depending on the customer and project requirements. These services begin with the floating of material requisition to selected bidders, up to the delivery of equipment and materials to the site. The procurement and material supply services which are normally provided in projects are as follows:
  • Preparation and floating of material requisitions and specifications
  • Sending out requests to bidders for quotations
  • Vendor identification and assessment
  • Handling of quotations up to preparation of TBA/CBA tables
  • Preparation of purchase orders
  • Material coding system
  • Shop inspection during manufacturing and delivery phase
  • Witness of shop intermediate and final tests
  • Handling shipping, land transportation, and insurance
  • Expediting the shipping of materials
  • Handling customs clearance and transportation to sites
  • Handling the related banking formalities
  • Warehousing

Scope of Services

Tendering & Contracting

Preparation of tender documents, performing tender ceremonies, and fulfilling contract awarding constitute other fundamental areas of our management services. The time-consuming and precise tendering, bid evaluation, negotiations and picking qualified contractors require competent legal/technical experties. We are individually qualified and experienced to cooperate with customers through this key function and provide them with complete service packages which include the following:
  • Evaluating contractors' capabilities
  • Preparing and issuing preliminary ITB package
  • Preparing tender documents including general and specific conditions of contract
  • Bid evaluation and selection of contractors

Scope of Services

Project Management Consultant

Project Management Consultant (PMC) plays one of the most important roles in securing successful and on-time completion and commissioning of projects. Large scale projects would be efficiently managed only if the selected PMC could handle and manage contractors according to closely followed international procedures. PMC is responsible for the totality, integrity and operability of plants and in this regard perform and/or undertake management co-ordination, consultancy and/or supervision services for the units including planning, scheduling, cost estimation and control, monitoring or other services, as applicable, for design, engineering, procurement, construction, pre commissioning, start-up of the units(s) and training of customer’s personnel.

We provide the following PMC services upon request of customers:

  • Coordinating with customer for the project and providing management, consultancy and / or supervisory services for all activities and functions related to the Project
  • Establishing and maintenance of all policies and procedures required for successful implementation of Projects
  • Planning, scheduling, monitoring and reporting
  • Construction coordination and supervision
  • Material management during transportation and delivery of equipment and materials
  • Field inspection, testing and pre – commissioning, and operation services
  • Cost estimate and control
  • Establishing technical liaison where plants are located to maintain a full technical support capability throughout the tenure of the project implementation
  • Documentation of all engineering, drawings, specifications and data related to Plants
  • Quality control and quality assurance of Projects
  • Reviewing of and commenting on various documents
  • Management of contractors’ activities, progress, and payment invoices